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OpenStack Grizzly Stats

I went to the San Francisco Zoo a couple weeks ago, among the critters I saw was their grizzly bears.

But this post is about a different kind of grizzly. OpenStack’s 7th release, Grizzly, was released today. It was the first release I was involved with and with my increased work lately with testing around DevStack it’s been an interesting experience.

Today Monty Taylor published some stats about the release, comparing to the previous two (Essex and Folsom):

  Essex Folsom Grizzly
Patches Uploaded 11036 17986 29308
Changes Created 5137 5990 12721
Changes Landed 4235 4978 10561
Avg patches per Change 2.6 3.6 2.7
Landing Percentage 82% 83% 83%

Or if you prefer, patches uploaded, changes created and changes landed in pretty chart form:

Mark McLoughlin also shared some stats from a couple other sources.

Congratulations to everyone on the release!