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Tiger ears, camera and the 162

Finalizing wedding things has been exhausting, but I have managed to get out of the house some these past few weeks.

MJ was traveling a couple weekends ago and I took the opportunity to head over to the zoo to relax. Fortunately the tiger cub was out playing!

…if you look closely, you can see her ears. Her mother came out just as I was coming in and blocked the view of her little one almost completely. But in person I could see her bouncing around behind mom playing with something.

After visiting the cub I swung by the tail end of the penguin feeding in time to see this guy booking it across the temporary bridge on his way to escape!

Really he just went back to his island after a couple minutes. The day in general was a great one for photos, Slash the cassowary was out, the bobcat and snow leopard were awake, much fun!

More photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157633210801685/

Speaking of photos, I decided to pick up a new camera. My Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS is now 6 years old and starting to feel its age. So last week, in preparation for taking TONS of photos on our honeymoon, MJ did some research and suggested I get the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100. It came in on Friday and so far – nice! I’ll have to try it out a bit more when I go out tomorrow.

I hosted another Ubuntu Hour and Debian dinner last week. Turnout for both was 5-6 people and good conversation all around. It’s looking like Debian is shooting for the release of Squeeze in the first week of May. Eric also made the amusing move of bringing along some Cinnamon Sugar from South Africa in a nod to the upcoming Ubuntu release shipping with the cinnamon desktop environment for the first time.

I’ve also been trying to take it easy a little, taking an hour or two here and there to enjoy San Francisco. The other day I went to the post office after work and spied the 162 street car, a special one! Then it started moving! I took the opportunity to hop aboard and take it all the way down the Embarcadero for no reason other than to enjoy the ride. I swung by the sea lions while I was out as well and then took a leisurely, long walk back home.

Last weekend MJ and I headed over to the bay to enjoy a nice lunch by the Bay Bridge before barreling in on more wedding stuff pretty much all day Sunday, aside from the Intro to Judaism class. Tomorrow we have our last class, allowing us to finish just in time for our wedding next Sunday.

Tomorrow we’re also running around to do some last minute shopping and picking up of wedding items. Also probably will be prepping some stuff to ship out and meet us when we arrive in Philly. We fly out to Philadelphia on Wednesday. Wedding on Sunday the 28th!


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