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Simcoe’s May Checkup

On May 30th we brought Simcoe in for her 3 months checkup. We were going to wait longer since her results have been consistently good, but following our honeymoon she’s been acting a bit more restless than usual and we decided to take her in. Caligula was also having some stomach problems so we brought him along too.

We ended up leaving both of them at the vet for the morning so Caligula could get a vaccination and they could get some blood and urine samples from Simcoe. We got Simcoe’s blood results back on June 3rd:

BUN 48 (normal range: 14-36)
CRE 2.6 (normal range: .6-2.4)

Pretty much everything is within the margin of error BUN is up slightly from 46, and CRE is down slightly from 2.8. I didn’t write down exact weight, but it was down an ounce or two and the vet wasn’t concerned since it’s also within standard weight fluctuation. The only concern was slightly elevated protein in her urine sample, but they think that may be from a little blood that got in the sample from the needle, the vet just said we should do the test again next time she comes in.

So we’re no longer worried that Simcoe’s increased activity is a problem, we suspect it was just the three weeks being away from home had really upset her and caused her to demand a bit more attention. Ah cats.