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Fosscon on August 10th

Next week we’ll be heading back east to Philadelphia for the 4th annual Fosscon on Saturday, August 10th.

I gave the keynote at this conference in 2011 and this year that honor goes to Jordan Miller of UPenn who will be talking about AMRI: Building Open Source Infrastructures for Science.

I’m coming back to give a presentation on Open Source Systems Administration, drawing upon my work at HP with the OpenStack Infrastructure team.

Abstract: The infrastructure for the OpenStack project is managed in public by a distributed team of systems administrators from several companies all over the world collaborating online. You will get a whirlwind tour through the tools we use to accomplish this and some of the benefits, trade-offs and challenges that the team encounters.

My talk will be at 10:35AM in Linode Hall.

It will also be great to visit with my old friends from the Pennsylvania LoCo who are running the “Hacker Hall” along with folks from Hive76. From their announcement:

Interested in trying Linux? Now’s the time. A convention full of computer and Free Software enthusiasts.

Running linux on a usb drive and ready to move it to your device? Take the plunge. We’ll be here to help you install.

Already installed but need a hand with the basics. Stop by and we’ll guide you.

What’s this command line stuff I keep hearing about? Come by, and we’ll have a Command line Boot Camp.

Have old equipment lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Stop by and we’ll help you repurpose the old into something new and wonderful.

All distributions of Linux are welcome. All levels of interest are welcome.

Demo machines will be available to try.

Bring your laptop or desktop(only), we’ll have all the other peripherals (Keyboards, monitors, etc) to install Linux on almost anything.

Sounds like it’ll be a great conference!

One Comment

  • brian

    I wish we had something like this around here. I’d love to bring in an old router or something and have the pro’s have their way with it. ;)


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