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OpenStack TripleO Sprint

Last week I headed to the HP office in Seattle to meet up with my colleagues from HP, Red Hat and others for a TripleO Sprint which was proposed in July and fleshed out last month.

We started off on Monday by attempting to get everyone set up with a TripleO environment by walking through the instructions in devtest document and then working through bugs as folks encountered issues.

My primary interest during this sprint was pushing forward baremetal testing and working with my fellow -infra team members to begin hashing out a plan to test TripleO itself. Monday afternoon through Tuesday I worked with Clark Boylan to step through my notes from attempts to get a basic baremetal testing infrastructure up within LXC. Unfortunately we bumped into this bug and I had to adjust my goals for the week.

As others attending the sprint continued to focus on TripleO bugs and features, I took the opportunity with Clark to make new -infra diagram for our team wiki page based on updates we made this cycle to the infrastructure which James E. Blair documented here that includes gearman, our new cgit install and multiple Jenkinses.

(Click to see full diagram)

It was great to see several representatives from the Tuskar project participating in the sprint and hashing out how the projects can most effectively collaborate, which led to this thread on list and the exciting announcement today that Tuskar is merging with TripleO. We also had a nice walkthrough of the os-*-config system TripleO is using by Clint Byrum, whiteboard sketch here.

As the week wound down Clark, Monty Taylor, Robert Collins and I were able to walk through some plans for how to move forward with TripleO testing in the infrastructure. We have a good plan now, which Robert outlines here and some concrete steps for making it happen. I was also able to spend some time Friday morning going through devstack-gate and nodepool build configurations with Clark and Anita Kuno.

It was an excellent and productive week for me, I was really happy to be involved and meet some of the other key players working in this space!

A few more photos from the week are available here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157635624275593/