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Code Review for Sysadmins talk at BALUG

On the heels of my trip to Illinois to speak at ACM Reflections | Projections on building a career in open source, I had the opportunity on Tuesday to speak at the Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) on the system the OpenStack Infrastructure team uses to do systems administration. It was a happy coincidence to be the presenter on Ada Lovelace Day and gave me a fine opportunity to promote the work of the Ada Initiative.

The talk was an updated version of the one I gave at OSCON in July (video here). I was able to update the talk to include our use of gearman and multiple jenkinses, elasticsearch, the new git.openstack.org and some of the latest things I’ve learned as we continue to refine our infrastructure and ability to share it with other projects and organizations.

It was also great to have an engaging audience and have my comments on the merits of code review changes to the infrastructure echoed by attendees who also have experience with it in their day jobs. There was also discussion about the general lacking of fully public, open source-based software testing in the open source community and people were quite pleased to see OpenStack leading the way here. It’s certainly something I’m proud to be a part of.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Slides here: Code Review for Systems Administrators