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OpenStack Infrastructure December Bug Day

When I joined the OpenStack Infrastructure team this year one of my first challenges was going through the list of bugs, during which time I discovered that some of the bugs were out-dated.

Enter Bug Days!

Thirsty Lady Bugs

The process for our bug days has evolved over time, starting quite manual but I’ve since automated as much as I can.

First, I create an etherpad: cibugreview-december2013 (see etherpad from past bug days on the wiki at: InfraTeam#Bugs)

Then I run my simple infra_bugday.py script and populate the etherpad.

Then I grab the bug stats from launchpad and copy them into the pad so we (hopefully) have inspiring statistics at the end of the day. Once bugday makes it into infra proper I hope to update that to include us too, there is a bug for that, and I updated it today!

Then comes the real work. I open up the old etherpad and go through all the bugs, copying over comments from the old etherpad and making my own comments as necessary about obvious updates I see (and updating my own bugs).

Last step: Let the team go to town on the etherpad and bugs!

We had our December bug day today, here are those stats:

Bug day start total open bugs: 213

  • 32 New bugs
  • 29 In-progress bugs
  • 2 Critical bugs
  • 13 High importance bugs
  • 3 Incomplete bugs

But day end total open bugs: 186

  • 2 New bugs
  • 28 In-progress bugs
  • 2 Critical bugs
  • 13 High importance bugs
  • 3 Incomplete bugs

Nice work, thanks everyone!


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