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Much ado about otters and lamps

Last week I had a cold and was getting over jet lag, just like when I came back from Hong Kong! So this is my second cold of the season. Fortunately, this one seems to be clearing up more quickly than the last but I’m still not thrilled that I’ve been knocked over by colds twice since November. Most of the week I just focused on my work and slept a lot, ignoring everything else.

By Friday morning I was feeling more alive and had a much more productive work day with my head finally clearing. I even managed to get out on my next Couch-to-5K run, even if I was sniffly and more out of breath than usual. It was really good to get out of the house.

Saturday I got around to making Challah french toast for the first time, it was as delicious as everyone told me it would be. Side of turkey bacon too.

The rest of the day was mostly spent catching up on some reading and doing some other “day off” tasks. After sundown we headed down to Colma for some home stuff shopping. Later in the evening I was able to get some of the Partimus accounting stuff behind me, including the year end report for the board, now that I have all the bank stuff from my name change squared away.

Sunday I went out for my run and then hunkered down to get caught up with open source work I had been ignoring all week. I still have a lot on my plate, but I’m happy to say that the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter was in nice shape for release today and our schedule for Ubuntu User Days on Saturday is almost complete.

In the late afternoon we decided to head to Fisherman’s Wharf for some fried seafood. There were too many birds, I was happy when we vacated the bird area and went over to see the sea lions at Pier 39. There are more of them than I’m used to seeing, I’m happy to see that they are almost back up at numbers seen 10 years ago. While we were there we also decided to swing by the Aquarium of the Bay to finally see their Otters: Watershed Ambassadors exhibit, featuring a trio of adorable river otters, Shasta, Tubbs and Wildcat.

But the otters where sleeping in a big pile of otter cuteness while we were there and weren’t up for entertaining us further:

It was nice to see them though, even if it was just in snuggle pile with their heads popping up here and there. The jellyfish were also cool (naturally, I waited for the pink light to take my picture).

Today was a bank holiday here in the US, so I had some shopping lined up. First it was to get new running shoes, we shall see tomorrow if having new shoes prevents ankle soreness. We then we went out to do some bedside lamp shopping, which is pretty much the last piece we needed to complete our bedroom.

We shopped around a bit, and ended up at Lamps Plus where we had a very pleasant shopping experience. The staff was friendly and helpful and we also managed to get an mirror that I’m hoping we can hang soon. Unfortunately most of what we wanted was out of stock, so we had to shift our order a bit to have the rest of it shipped to us. I did get to bring home one bed side lamp though!

Tomorrow I hope to make it out to the BALUG meeting on CiviCRM. We’ve been trying to get CiviCRM going for Partimus, but our lack of people power for maintaining it both software-wise and content-wise has prevented this. I’m hoping a talk about it will inspire me to have another look. This upcoming Friday, part of Saturday and Sunday I’ll be helping out with the Openstack CloudCamp Social Good Hackathon, I’ll be pitching in to make sure folks can get registered with our infrastructure and documenting the fun with my camera.