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OpenStack on the first two days of LCA

As seems to happen a lot at open source conferences lately, I had a couple of OpenStack heavy days these first couple of days here at linux.conf.au in Perth, Western Australia.

After the keynote on Monday I made my way to the Sysadmin Miniconf. It began with a talk by Glen Ogilvie on using Foreman with Puppet, and then my first talk of the week was up! I had a 15 minute slot to talk about “Open Sourcing your entire puppet configuration” (slides). I think my favorite part about giving talks like this is the feedback I receive afterwards about other teams and organizations who are also moving to more open infrastructures. The gem yesterday was learning about Mozilla’s PuppetAgain.

Thanks to Anita Kuno for taking this photo

Right after my talk I skipped over to the Continuous Integration track where I spent the rest of the day, arriving in time to catch James E. Blair’s “OpenStack CI: See how OpenStack runs a massively scalable test infrastructure in the open” where he gave an overview of the work we do on the infrastructure team for CI (slides).

Robert Collins gave a talk later in the day where he discussed the work we’ve been doing in TripleO in a talk called “CI Testing of cluster software using multiple machines.” Given how much work I’ve put into this over the past couple months it was really great to see Robert step the audience through our solutions and progress.

Later in the afternoon Anita Kuno did a talk on “Third Party Testing with OpenStack” where she gave a quick overview of what our infrastructure currently covers testing-wise and then why and how one would go about adding third party testing.

I really enjoyed the nodepool stars :)

The day of CI wrapped up with a Birds of a Feather (BoF) on OpenStack infrastructure. We had some interesting discussions around the current state of third party testing results and what criteria that should exist for 3rd party infrastructures that comment and vote on changes.

Tuesday had an actual OpenStack miniconf at the conference where the OpenStack fun continued.

It kicked off with us getting t-shirts with Raul’s winning design on them!

Miniconf sessions began with a casual overview of project governance by James E. Blair and Michael Still. That was immediately followed by a talk by Paul Holland on “The OpenStack Project and Moving to a Foundation” where he went through some of OpenStack’s history. Particularly interesting was when he covered some of the current discussions happening in the community, including the discussion of core and trademark usage.

The miniconf continued through the day, but after lunch I headed over to the Haecksen miniconf where I was presenting later in the afternoon and interested in other talks being presented, including one by Anita Kuno on her experience with the GNOME Outreach Program for Women which was a starting point for her own involvement with OpenStack.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk on “Systems Administration in the Open where I’ll talk about how we navigate hosting the OpenStack infrastructure project in the open. On Friday several of my colleagues are also doing OpenStack-related talks that I’m looking forward to.