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And it’s February on the home side

Work and projects have certainly kept me busy, but I’ve also had time for home, self and family things.

Caligula wasn’t the only one who had some dental work done, both MJ and I had to go in at the end of January. I was reminded the hard way that Novocaine upsets my stomach, but aside from the queasy afternoon everything went well.

In the midst of being so busy lately, I realized I should probably work to get out to socialize more outside of work/conference/event things. I do have friends in the city now, so I really need to do a better job of reaching out to them when I’m feeling lonely.

Last week I finished off the 5th week of Couch-to-5K with a brutal 20 minute run, thankfully for week 6 it was back to a mix of running and walking. It was cool to learn that I could run for a full 20 minutes though, even if it was painful and difficult!

Last week my Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe were in town for a conference and I was able to meet up with them for a couple meals. Early in the week we met up for drinks and then for a great dinner at Zero Zero. On Saturday we met them in the late afternoon for a quick visit to Pier 39 (sea lions! view of Alcatraz!) before we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge for an exceptional dinner at Murray Circle Restaurant at Cavallo Point. Afterwards we spent a bit of time there at Fort Baker soaking in the view of the city and the bridge.

The weekend wrapped up with some work at home. We finally received the last lamp we ordered from the bedroom, and also were able to take time to hang the mirror we bought with the first lamp.

It’s so nice to finally have a mirror over the dresser! And with this completed our bedroom is pretty much done. I think completing the living room will be our next project.

We also have our computer project to complete, getting our media server and storage server online. I was reminded of this even further when I got on my desktop this morning and was confronted with a wall of filesystem errors. I’ve put in an order for a couple new drives, which is not what I had planned on doing this week, but will finally give me the opportunity to set up RAID1 for my desktop so I don’t need to be quite so worried about drive failures (I keep backups, but, you know).



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