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Simcoe’s January vet visit and Caligula’s cold

Simcoe’s last vet visiting to do an analysis of her blood levels was back in November. Since we noticed her levels were creeping up at the time, but she also had some sniffles, perhaps that impacted results? We came up a plan with the vet to recheck her in 2 months (rather than 3) and went ahead and scheduled her appointment to coincide with some dental work Caligula was having done.

We dropped Caligula off at the vet the morning of January 25th and commenced worrying about him all day. Unfortunately those sniffles I mentioned Simcoe having back in November were ones that had continued with Caligula over these past couple months with varying severity. We put him on antibiotics in mid January, but they decided to do a sinus x-ray prior to the dental work to figure out what was going on and whether they could go on with the dental work. He was still congested so they decided to give him an antibiotic shot this time and go ahead with the dental work. He came out from the dental work a bit drugged but ok. They followed this up with a culture to see if he had a bacterial infection.

Results from the culture came back Wednesday, he has a strain of Pseudomonas. It’s resistant to both antibiotics he’s already been on so we picked up a third type yesterday and started the treatment last night. Simcoe is sniffling again too, so we my need to put her on it too.

When we went to pick up Caligula following his dental work, we had scheduled a vet visit for Simcoe. Since he had the cat carrier, we put her on a harness and lead to go to the vet, which she really was not at all happy with, she prefers being able to hide in her carrier.

The exam went well, she’s continuing to maintain a health weight, which is always a good sign for a cat with renal failure. Last visit she was 9.5lbs, this time she’s 9.6lbs.

Unfortunately both her BUN and CRE levels have gone up a little, 53 to 57 on BUN and 3.5 to 3.6 on CRE.

BUN: 57 (normal range: 14-36)
CRE: 3.6 (normal range: .6-2.4)

This is something to continue to keep an eye on if the trends continue in this direction.

For now we’re back on the 3 month check in schedule and will handle her sniffles as needed, hopefully this round of antibiotics will do the trick for Caligula.