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OpenStack TripleO mid-cycle sprint kicks off

On Monday, March 3rd, we kicked off the TripleO (“OpenStack on OpenStack” ) mid-cycle meetup at the HP offices in Sunnyvale, California.

The day began by splitting up into groups with our specific focuses, including Ironic (bare metal) and Continuous Integration, where I ended up.

I was able to spend the day following up on a couple patches I had outstanding for the work I’ve been doing with Fedora on the infrastructure side and get some work done on another patch.

After lunch, Derek Higgins of Red Hat gave participants a walk through of how we’re doing testing, with a tour of the setup for our testing environments and the “TripleO cloud” itself that’s currently being used for testing, running on a rack of servers provided by HP.

After the tour, he made the diagram he used available to get a better picture of everything:

(Click for full version)

My day wrapped up by having a chat with some folks from Mirantis about some of their multi-node testing plans and how that may tie in to the work we’re doing in TripleO and the rest of infra.

The rest of the week so far has been spent over at the Yahoo! offices in Sunnyvale. Most noteworthy to what I’m working on, the Red Hat folks were able to make progress on getting their own rack up to supplement the current testing rack from HP in order to have redundancy in testing. I was also able to make progress in getting Fedora into the testing pool and had the opportunity to use the high bandwidth time with colleagues to work on some SELinux issues I’ve been running into and do some in person debugging.

Last night HP sponsored a fun dinner for all sprint attendees down at Gordon Biersch in San Jose. Today, Thursday we’re continuing our work which will wrap up tomorrow.


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