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Finding a Tahr (or two!)

Tomorrow the next Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release comes out, 14.04, development code name Trusty Tahr. In preparation, I was putting together some materials for our release event next week and found myself looking for the Tahr artwork when I remembered that it was included in the installer. So now I’ll share it with you as well!

If you go to this source page you will see a “download file” link which will allow you to download a .png of the tahr artwork.

Trusty Tahr

I haven’t found an svg version of this logo, but I’ll be sure to update this post if I do.

Thanks to Tom Macfarlane of Canonical for emailing me a copy of the svg version! You can get a copy here.

Looking for something slightly different? The Xubuntu team also included a tahr in our installer, created by Simon Steinbeiß:

This png has transparency, which make it show grey on white, but you can flavor it with any color you wish!

You can grab it at this source page where you will see the “download file” link. I’ve also uploaded the svg: art_tahr.svg

Enjoy! And happy release everyone!


  • wantoo

    Since the Tahr logo is simple and monochromatic, you can bring it into Inkscape and use Path > Trace Bitmap
    and get a svg. Just a tip! Great blog, glad I found it.

  • Martin Owens

    We have t start teaching people how to put meta data in their svg files from inkscape. Otherwise these files are unlicensed unless we know they come from those packages and grab the license from there.

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