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Meetup, baseball and kitties

I had fully intended on writing this before sitting in a hotel in Peru, but pre-trip tasks crept up, I had last minute things to finish with work (oh, leaving on a Wednesday!) and sitting on a plane all day is always much more exhausting than I expect it to be. So here we are!

Since returning from OSCON a couple weeks ago I’ve kept busy with other things. In addition to the continued work on my book. On the Thursday OSCON was still going on, I attended my first Write/Speak/Code SF & Bay Area event. It was a work evening where several women met up at a little eatery in SOMA, chatted about their work and each brought a project to work on. I had my keynote slides to perfect, and managed to do that and get them set off to the friend I was having them translate them into Spanish. I managed to also talk about the work I’d been doing on my book and found a couple people who may be interested in doing some review. It was also great to learn that some of them were interested in supporting Grace Hopper Conference speakers, and there may be an event in September to gather some of us who live and work in the area to support each other and practice fine tune our talks.

The following Monday MJ and I met at AT&T Park downtown to attend a Giants baseball game on Jewish Heritage Night. It had been a couple years since I’d been to a Giants game (the season goes by so quickly!), it was great to get to see a game again. Plus, the Kiddush cup they gave away as the special event gift now has a treasured spot in my home.

As the game began, I found myself sitting in front of the Rabbi for our congregation, who is a big baseball fan and is always fun to talk to about it. Since we bought tickets with other members we also found ourselves in the bleachers, which I’d never sat in before. It was a whole different angle and seating arrangement than I’m used to, but still lots of fun.

As an added bonus, it was a solid game that the Giants won. More photos from the game here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157654129506103

In other “while I’m home” life news, I also started the sessions with a trainer at the gym. I have 5 paid for, and the first was a tour of pain, as advertised. I go running and have always been quite skilled at lifting things, but this trainer found muscles I’m not sure I’ve ever used. He also managed to put me in a state where it took me about 3 days to feel normal again, the first day of which I really struggled to walk down stairs! I’m sticking to it though and while I may ask him to tone it down slightly for my next session, I already have it on my schedule upon my return from Peru and the OpenStack Operators Meetup in Palo Alto.

I then spent a lot of time on work and getting some loose ends tied off for my book as I prepared for this trip to Peru. We’ve also had some vet visits interspersed as poor Simcoe has battled a bacterial problem that caused some eye trouble. Thankfully she was almost all healed up by the time I flew out on Wednesday and you can hardly tell there was an issue. Fortunately none of these troubles impacted her bouncy nature.

Or whatever is in their nature that makes them want to sleep on our suitcases.

Sitting on my suitcases aside, I already miss my fluffy critters, and am thankful that my husband is joining me on Sunday. Still, I’m super excited for UbuCon Latin America tomorrow!