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Mitaka OpenStack Summit Days 3 & 4

With the keynotes behind us and the conference side of the OpenStack Summit on its final day, I spent Thursday focused on the OpenStack Design Summit from 9AM onward.

The day began with a work session surrounding Gerrit. We tried several months back to do an upgrade from version 2.8, but had to roll back when we noticed some problems. Khai Do has spent the past few months tracking down the issues and working on an upgrade plan, which we hashed through during this session. We talked through the upgrade process, which includes a pre-upgrade database cleanup and the upgrade itself. Then we chatted about scheduling, pretty much settling on a mid-week day prior to Thanksgiving here in the US to complete the upgrade. Read-only etherpad from the session here. The next session centered around work that Greg Haynes has done with Nodepool image workers. Through discussion and some heads down work, several patches in the proposed stack were brought in during this work session. Read-only notes from the session are in the etherpad here.

Some Infrastructure in the morning

Anita Kuno then led a session about scaling new project creation. The OpenStack project is now made up of over 800 git repositories that all use Gerrit, and has 18,948 accounts. She also shared the following statistics that she pulled on October 21st:

Numbers for Liberty: (May 25 2015 – Oct 18 2015)
Patches merged: 32435
Patchsets created: 138517
Comments added: 863869

The session had the expertise of some folks who were running very large Gerrit installations internally at their companies, and we benefited from that as they talked about the tooling they have to create projects and provided some feedback to scaling issues there. Of particular concern to us were making sure that Gerrit performance continues to be sufficient for the project, including making sure the event stream isn’t overloaded, that we continue to have enough server and database space, scaling of git itself (leverage git.openstack.org more directly for Gerrit?) and in general making sure we’re doing all the appropriate tuning. Read-only etherpad for this session here.

Anita Kuno leads the Scaling New Project Creation session

Next up was the Task Tracking session. During the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver the decision was made to stop active development on StoryBoard, in spite of the tireless efforts of the 1.5 developers working on it. Since then, another company has come along to pick up development, so the session centered around whether we should reconsider usage of StoryBoard and ask for development efforts again or move forward with our Phabricator Maniphest plans. After much discussion, the conclusion of the session was that we’d stick with deploying Maniphest and working to see if that satisfies the needs of our workflow. Plus, a nod of thanks to the current StoryBoard maintainers, one of whom was able to join us for the summit (thanks Zara!). Read-only etherpad notes here.

For lunch I met up with my HP colleagues as we secured two tables in the hot buffet lunch area and had some great chats about life, the universe and probably OpenStack. Our team has changed a lot over the past year, so it was nice to meet a few new people and put the IRC nick to a face in several cases. With lunch in another building, I was able to once again take advantage of the Japanese garden that exists as pathways between the hotels. It was such a peaceful space to walk through in the midst of the chaos that is the summit.

I spent my afternoon in the Developer Lounge, mostly chatting with OpenStack folks I usually don’t get to catch up with. In spite of my general shyness and typical dislike for hallway tracks, it actually was a useful and enjoyable afternoon. The day rounded out with a Release Management session where they dug into the internals of processes, scripts, tagging and everything related to the releases of each component of OpenStack. For details, check out the read-only etherpad here.

Thursday evening, Alex Eng invited Steve Kowalik and me out for dinner with Carlos and Diana Munoz. Steve and I have been working with Carlos and Alex on the Zanata migration for some time now, so it was great to spend time together catching up on a more personal level and to meet Carlos’ wife. Plus, the tempura that we had was delicious.

Friday was contributor meetup day! We had Infrastructure sessions spanning both the morning and afternoon. After collecting several agenda items, several of us core/root members of the Infrastructure team made our way to a tatami mat hut in the Japanese garden to evaluate team priorities for the cycle. Our focus will be the continuing projects like Zuulv3, but also a showing of support and to prioritize reviews related to the infra-cloud, which we anticipate will expand our test pool significantly.

Infrastructure team contributor meetup/work session

After the core/root meeting, I headed down to the i18n contributors meetup where they were discussing Stackalytics integration when I arrived. We chatted some about OpenStackID and ways to collect user data for statistics, as well as having an opportunity to fiddle with the API some and give feedback as to improvements that would help us out.

i18n contributor meetup

I had lunch with Clint Adams and Steve before heading back to the Infrastructure afternoon session. During the afternoon session I was able to chat with Jeremy Stanley, Clark Boylan and Jim Blair about how to handle the proposed translations check site. I also made some last minute changes so we could finally deploy codesearch.openstack.org, the project that our Outreachy intern Emma Barber worked on over the summer and then beyond the internship period to finish just a few days ago. It was pretty exciting to get that finally launched, and has already shown itself to be a useful addition to our infrastructure!

With that, the summit came to a close. I had one last dinner with several of my OpenStack Infrastructure colleagues, a delicious teppanyaki dinner at Steak House Hama in Rappongi. Saturday it was time to finally go home!

More photos from the summit here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157659996250479


  • Zara

    Hi, pleia2! I was shamelessly trawling the internet for other people’s summit-photos show to my friends, since “there was a guy stretching noodles and it was the coolest” didn’t convey much, and I hadn’t taken many pictures of my own. So I came across your blog and noticed you’d mentioned StoryBoard (and me)! It was a pleasant surprise, so thanks; it’s appreciated. :) And thanks for putting up all those photos!