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Ubuntu 16.04 Release Party San Francisco Concluded!

On the evening of Thursday, July 28th I hosted the Ubuntu 16.04 Release Party in San Francisco. It was a couple months after release, but nicely lined up with the 16.04.1 release, where folks running 14.04 would finally be prompted to upgrade to 16.04. It also ended up being just a week after the release of the 9th edition of The Official Ubuntu Book, so I was able to give away a couple of copies during the party!

The evening was hosted by OpenDNS, who were incredibly welcoming and gracious hosts. Thanks so much, Jennifer Basalone and crew!

The space was excellent, having power strips set up at a pair of tables near the entrance, a whole area of seating for the presentation and an open floor plan that lent itself to casual chats as well as pulling out laptops to swap tips with each other. An Ubuntu Studio install was even started during the event. We did have the unfortunate snafu of a baseball game just down the street messing up nearby traffic a bit, but hopefully that didn’t discourage too many attendees, as public transit to the venue was still pretty easy.

The venue provided drinks and I was able to order salad and a pile of pizzas to make sure everyone was well fed throughout the event.

Like with my past presentations at LUGs in June and July, I brought along my underpowered Lenovo G575, which I had Ubuntu 16.04 running on and my Dell Mini 9 with Xubuntu 16.04. Plus I had my pair of tablets, Nexus 7 and Aquaris M10 with the hot-off-the-download OTA-12.

The tablets definitely got the most attention at this event, and showing off desktop mode (convergence!) by connecting my Lenovo keyboard+mouse combo to the Aquaris M10 was a lot of fun.

I did my release presentation a final time at this event, this time updated with OTA-12 notes. Slides available: sf_release_party_ubuntu_1604.pdf (6.0M), sf_release_party_ubuntu_1604.odp (5.4M), please feel free to use them as you see fit.

A few more photos from the event here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157671609240786


  • Jerry

    I used to live in S.F.CA for 40 yrs at 1346 Pine St @ Hyde. Anyway,I have been trying to find a way to format DVDS/CDS and flash drives. But, when I asked on the net I get the same complaints as answers from other people. I am running Ubuntu 16.0.4 and it is pretty good But, I do not Know how to look for help in Ubuntu. In Windows it is so easy, just go into Dir and ask for help and you get 3 pages of it. Thank You, Jerry Kohl (not the rich one)

    • pleia2

      Hello, former SF-dweller!

      It really depends on what you’re doing with them. The GNOME Disks utility is great for flash drives, whether you’re just putting a file system on them or an ISO. For DVDs/CDs I’ve found the KDE Disk Burning tool K3b to be quite good and reliable.