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4th Wedding Anniversary at Coi

On April 28th MJ and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. April and May tend to be busy travel months for me, and though I do try to be in town for our anniversary. I wasn’t last year and it caused us to do a ridiculous amount of postponing when it came to celebrating it.

This year I was home, and MJ snagged us reservations at the amazing Coi Restaurant in North Beach!

Their focus is seafood and like many of these super fancy restaurants in San Francisco there’s also a focus on seasonal selections from local farms in the dishes.

The menu itself is a set nine course tasting menu with a couple optional drink pairings. They offer a tea pairing, as well as two options for wine pairings. The tea pairing was tempting since it was unusual, but I decided to go with the more expensive of the two wine pairings, and MJ had a glass of the 1998 Krut “Brut” Champagne from the same menu and tastes of mine throughout the meal.

I’m quite the seafood fan, so I was really happy with the theme and the selections were really nicely executed. The wines were amazing, especially the 2007 Château Pape Clément Blanc. So good.

The menus they gave us at the end of the meal had been customized to show the wines we enjoyed throughout the meal, as well as the fact that we were excluding pork from the selections, which was a really nice touch.

More photos from our dinner here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157680300381264

With four years under our belt you’d think I’d have the wedding photos online somewhere by now, but I don’t. Hah! I have some more work to do on the site I’m putting together, I’ll try to bump the priority on it since there are so many great photos I’d like to share.