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Local movies, sights and Sharks

It’s been two months since I’ve done a proper general life update post. This is in part because I’ve been struggling with everything going on this year and primarily focusing on work and blog posts over there about events. I would like to catch up over here though, since a healthy part of me staying on top of my mood is writing about the exciting things we’re doing to keep moving forward.

So, first exciting thing, we got our washing machine fixed! Maybe not so exciting, but I did have to walk to the laundromat once and send out wash with a service that had a hefty turnaround time while it was broken, so I was pretty happy when I could finally do laundry at home again. I forgot how much I take that for granted. I’ve also tried to do some spring cleaning around here. Our condo has an open floor plan, but there’s a “dining room” area that has forever been a bit of a box land. I’m trying to solve that so MJ has more space to work on projects. I made a considerable amount of progress when I began this work, also cleaning out some of what we had in the hallway closet while I was at it so I could make room for some of what I was moving out of the condo proper. It’s a bit stalled at the moment, but at least I now have a better idea of what is over there so I can pick up where we left off when we decide to make time over some weekend.

I spent some time over the past couple months going out with a friend of mine. First it was over to see the film Love and Taxes at The Roxie in the Mission. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’m not much of a comedy fan but it was nicely done, if a bit too real. The Roxie is also one of those fun old theaters with big neon lights outside, we saw the film in the smaller theater, I’ll have to get into the big one some time. We also recently saw The Sense of an Ending, which I was less thrilled with. As a British film it’s slower than I tend to like but I found myself wondering if it ever managed to go anywhere interesting. Still, we had a nice evening grabbing some drinks and cheeses nearby afterwards. Back in mainstream movie land, I mentioned in my post about the last trip to Philly last month that I saw Beauty and the Beast for a second time. The first time was when I got an opening night ticket on my own, and immediately had a couple awesome friends pile on and invite themselves along so I wouldn’t have to go alone. Sab and Mark, you rock.

Too much TV has been happening lately too. I’m not proud of it, but I did have a pretty extensive scifi and fantasy TV queue from times where I’ve been more productive, so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself, and already my amount of reading is once again starting to overtake the amount of time I spend watching TV. But in the midst of my TV binge time, the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 came out. MST3K is kind of a big deal for me. It’s the show that brought me to my first IRC server, it was a major point of bonding for my first husband and I, and I met a lot of friends through an MST3K IRC channel and fan site I used to help run (hello #deep13 buddies!). When the kickstarter was launched last year for a revival I signed up quickly and expensively. My name is in the credits of the new episode 5 (1105) and the kickstarter rewards have been trickling in. Looking forward to the coffee table book! I’m trying to bide my time on the episodes though, restricting myself to one or so per week so I don’t have a major the dry spell once they’re gone and I’m forced to wait for a new season, which we’re all hoping will happen.

With all this laziness and TV watching, I’m not running as much as I’d like, but I have found myself walking more. Even if it’s just to go sit by Ferry Building with a hot chocolate, or a random wander down to Pier 39 to watch street cars drive down the Embarcadero and then visit the sea lions. I live in a beautiful place and taking time to enjoy that while listening to some music or an audio book is incredibly relaxing.

A recent walk around the zoo was also therapeutic, but I specifically went a few weekends ago when they had cards up to share memories and love for the last polar bear who lived at the San Francisco Zoo and recently passed away, Uulu. Losing her was quite sad, but the visit to the zoo was a nice one otherwise. I was able to see the family of guanacos closer than usual, a bounding wolverine and one of the red pandas running all around their enclosure. Plus it was a beautifully sunny day, of which we’ve had plenty of as we migrate out of the soggy winter we had.

More photos from my visit to the zoo here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157680629307391

And it wasn’t just walking. MJ and I made our way to Golden Gate Park recently as we were preparing for Passover by eating a whole bunch of bagels while we still could (haha!). We stopped by House of Bagels for some sandwiches and then made our way over to the park.

Work-wise I’ve been keeping super busy with events and continuing to learn more about our product, but I decided to start a new experiment so I can limit my workaholic tenancies: I now have 2 cellphones. My Nexus 6 on Project Fi is now used for work and international travel, and I have my mother-in-law’s old (but quite new…) cellphone on Verizon that I’m using personally. During the weekdays I often carry them both, but I can choose to leave my work phone behind when I want to physically separate myself from the temptation to check work email and notifications. It’s definitely a cumbersome arrangement, and making sure I charge (and shut off for takeoff!) two phones has taken some getting used to, but I think I’m developing a healthier relationship with my day job this way. Evenings and weekends I can really spend on other work and projects without getting too distracted by work work.

Speaking of work, I recently went on my first bay cruise that took me under the Golden Gate Bridge! Mesosphere celebrated their 4th anniversary recently and to celebrate we did an unconference during the day, and then went on a boat. It was cold on deck, but that’s how we got to really experience going under the bridge before the boat turned around. There were also dolphins and sea lions in the bay that we got to see. Chatting more casually with some of my colleagues was also obviously nice, though I do tend to be on the quieter side during social events like this.

Some more photos from the boat and our cruise around the bay here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157680726304672

After work on April 18th MJ and I met up at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre, which he hadn’t been to before (I’d been to a Long Now seminar there). We were there for an interview with Krista Tippett on her new book, Becoming Wise. I’ve been a long time listener to her On Being radio show, going back to it was called “Speaking of Faith”. As a fan of the incredible interviews she’s done of scientists, religious scholars and key thinkers of today, it was a real honor to see her be interviewed live and then meet her and get a copy of the book signed! I finished reading the book last night, and have already sent another copy off to an aunt who I thought would particularly appreciate it. The evening was concluded by a tourist-esque visit to Sears Fine Food right near the theater.

Photo by Anna Bryan, album on Facebook

A couple weeks ago I also found myself loosely following the NHL playoffs. With the San Jose Sharks making it all the way to the Stanley Cup last year, I knew there was a chance there’d be some playoff games this year. We drove down to San Jose on April 22nd to have dinner and enjoy the game. Unfortunately it ended up being the last game of the season, with our Sharks losing to the Edmonton Oilers 1-3 and bringing the series to a close with the Oilers on top.

Still, it was a lot of fun to go down and enjoy a final game of the season with the Sharks. More photos from the game here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/albums/72157679697721774

I still have much to write about our 4th wedding anniversary, and my recent trip up to Seattle, but there’s only so much catching up I can do in a single post! Plus, I’m on my way for dinner and to see Hamilton (so excited!). Next time.