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Saying goodbye in Florida

Everything was coming together. I had just finalized travel for my first couple weeks of work and our new au pair was getting into the routine of caring for little Adam. It was then that we received the terrible news that a close relative of MJ was unexpectedly in the hospital. He passed away soon after.

We immediately made plans for all four of us to fly to Fort Lauderdale to be with our family and for the funeral on Monday. My soon-to-be boss was incredibly understanding when I asked to push my start date out by a day and had to change my travel plans. Our au pair was fantastic about the abrupt trip, and was incredibly helpful whenever we needed her.

It was a sad trip. There were tears, hugs, and love, and everything you’d expect from the funeral of a man who was beloved in his family and community and was so suddenly taken from us. I’m grateful we could be there, and while it wasn’t the way I expected to introduce Adam to the rest of the family, having him there did lift spirits some. And regardless of the circumstances, were were in a beautiful place and we had a little one to keep happy.

On the way there, Adam finally got his American Airlines wings.

We were fortunate to be there for the conclusion of Passover, which we observed with family. Our 6th wedding anniversary also landed during that weekend, but we simply enjoyed our time together instead of partaking in any grand plans.

On our last full day there, we took some time to introduce Adam to the ocean, which I think was a bit scary for him, but I made sure he got his feet wet.

All things considered, it was a good trip and I’m glad we could make it work. On Tuesday we parted ways. I flew to Atlanta to start my new job, and MJ, Adam and our au pair flew home.