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Off to a wedding in Florida

The last time I was in Florida for a wedding was 2014. It was one of my first epic travel months which included 2 conferences, 2 weddings, and my first trip to Paris. I thought I knew tired, but I can honestly say that this trip to Florida for a wedding was the more tiring one! It’s astonishing how much your life changes with a little one in tow. Still, we had a wonderful time on this trip and the wedding was beautiful!

We flew down from Philadelphia, arriving at the resort in Hollywood Beach where the wedding was held in the late evening and got all the fun stuff sorted out with our room to prepare for spending a couple days there with the little one (crib, refrigerator for milk). We didn’t rent a car for this trip, given the short stay and thinking we would have everything we needed. Alas, it turns out that with a little one that is never the case. We immediately realized we needed a few things and had to do a quick delivery order for them. Now we know. With kids, always rent a car unless we’re actually staying downtown somewhere where it’s easy to walk to a supermarket or pharmacy.

I was able to spend a lot of solo time with Adam on this trip. Saturday morning we went for a little walk and then ended up at the coffee shop in the hotel where I got an impressive avocado toast, and Adam tried to steal it from me.

The afternoons were spent as a family. Meeting with relatives for lunches, then spending time at the pool, which gave us the opportunity to introduce Adam to a pool for the first time! He was a bit fussy and uncertain at first, but he seemed to enjoy it after a few minutes as MJ and I held him there in the water.

On Sunday morning after a leisurely breakfast at the hotel restaurant with our au pair, Adam and I went for another walk, this time strolling further down the boardwalk. It was pretty hot out, so he mostly slept, which goes for most of the time we had him outside in the hot, Florida summer. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t much hotter than Philadelphia had been.

Sunday evening MJ and I attended the wedding, though I had to depart the reception a bit early to take over Adam care for the rest of the night. Monday morning was spent making a final visit to the pool before we packed up and headed to the airport in evening.

In all, a really nice, quick trip. It was nice to have a few meals with relatives, along with the wedding itself. I wish we could have stayed longer, but work beckoned, and I was on a plane the afternoon after we got home for a conference in Portland, OR.