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Our first family cold and a bunch of yummy baked goods

Recently, we all had a cold. I’ve had sinus infections and various woes related to pregnancy since March 2020 when we pandemic precautions set in, but we had never been sick as a household like this before, and 15 month old Aaron had never been sick at all! And this cold packed a wallop. As soon as it was obvious that Adam was sick, we took him to get a COVID-19 test with the school district and quarantined until the negative result came back. I followed up with two at-home tests over the next week, just to be sure. It was just a bad cold though, and as members of our household got sick, we had a solid five days when all of us were quite sick. Ultimately, Adam was out of preschool for a week, I worked several half days as I eked out enough work to stay on top of deadlines, but not much else. Poor Aaron probably had the worst time of it, at least we could explain to Adam why he was coughing and snuffly, Aaron just seemed baffled and distressed by all of it and also slept poorly as a result.

We’re all on the mend though. Adam, who got sick first, went back to school last week as MJ and I resumed full days ourselves. Our coughs are lingering along with a little congestion, but we all actually feel human again, even if my energy level still isn’t what I’d like. I also remain grateful it wasn’t COVID.

As result of this, the first couple weeks of March have been pretty quiet. We did a little baking last weekend, first the Friday night challah which Adam helped me with.

Then some Dairy Free Hametashen! The holiday of Purim was on March 17th, and Hametashen is the traditional dessert. It’s been tricky to find around here, and we weren’t in the best of shape to go searching for it. I had my doubts about making it, and having the energy to make it, but it turned out to be a really fun afternoon activity, especially since the boys wanted to sit in their chairs at the table and watch as I rolled out the dough, plopped the bits of fruit preserves on each cookie, and folded them up. They even came out pretty good! The apricot, strawberry, and mixed berry (mostly blackberry) ones turned out great, and I did a few Nutella ones for the boys, but they didn’t stay moist after the first day, so I’d probably skip them next time.

Speaking of baked goodies, I complained about the state of bagels in California (they aren’t good) and my sister-in-law responded by sending us a box of a dozen bagels from Long Island. It was so thoughtful! We ate six of them, and froze the rest. I’m still longing to go back to Philadelphia to see everyone, but at least one of my key cravings from the past two years has been satisfied for now.

Since we were all feeling better, we went out this past weekend. Adam and I went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and then the four of us braved cloudy weather to go to the food truck gathering where they had lobster rolls this week! It was my first time having Cousin’s Maine Lobster rolls, and it was worth it, yum.

The only big thing going on is that we sold my car last week, which I’ll write about separately soon. The lease was ending and though it was hard letting it go, it was time. We aren’t immediately replacing it because neither of us have daily commutes right now, but we have been on the lookout for a bigger family car, so we’ll see what we end up with in the short term.