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Adam is 4!

Adam turned four in early January. It’s a little hard to believe that four years ago I had my first newborn at home!

His birthday landed on a Friday and unfortunately he wasn’t feeling very well that evening. Instead of going out to dinner as planned, we spent the evening playing Lights Out! in his bedroom, where I put some LED candles around his room and we all played with glow sticks and flashlights. Given his love for the dark (and my own!) it made for a perfect, low-key evening.

And Saturday we had his party!

At his request, we had a Pixar Cars themed little party with a small group of local friends. He’d been talking about the cake for about a month, periodically reminding me that he wanted the same one his brother got last year, complete with the same car toys on top. Thankfully our friend (and former au pair) was kind enough to go to the store and order the cake while we were out of town so it would be ready for the party on Saturday.

It was nice to have people over, for the first time in ages the play room had four kids running around having fun together. Adam received a few gifts and Aaron enjoyed helping him open them. We ordered a couple pizzas and everyone seemed to have a nice time.

Their birthdays are a mere five weeks apart, with Hanukkah (usually) in the middle, and that’s been a challenge. But I think celebrating Aaron’s before we leave for Philadelphia for the holidays and Adam’s afterwards is working out well. It’s causing clear delineation between their parties which allows us to focus on each of them fully. I think we all are a little partied out by the time mid January rolls around though.