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Spring break 2024 in Philly

For spring break (and an extra week) we decided to head out to Philadelphia to visit with the family, and have me do a couple side trips for Poughkeepsie and CPOSC. Unfortunately, for the first week a stomach bug swept through our house. First, Adam was sick for 24 hours. Two days later I came down with it. Two days after that it got Aaron. It meant that we kept believing we were in the clear and then being surprised by another one of us falling ill, and delayed any visits with family. Boo.

Thankfully we were clear by week two, and finally got to see people! Irina and little Sammy came over several evenings, and in spite of some squabbles between our pair of three year olds, it was really nice to just have chill family time at home.

I also decided I wanted to organize the toys a bit better, so one evening Adam helped me assemble a small, metal shelving unit.

Along with a new basket we picked up at Ross for their stuffed animals, the play area of the living room is looking a bit less chaotic now.

We got to hit all our favorite restaurants in the area and visit with our friends Danita and David before they left on their move to Portugal. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, and we had a bunch of rainy days, and it ended up being quite chilly out. Still, they are my little California boys and they long for the outdoors, so when it wasn’t raining we put on jackets and rode bikes.

The solar eclipse was on Monday, and so was our flight home. It was only partial for Philadelphia, so I didn’t feel that bad about being in the airport when it happened, and it was still a cool experience. It got a little dark outside, and I think it made our flight delayed a little, but that gave Aaron and Adam a little time to check out the cockpit of our plane.

I was only home for a couple of chaotic days before my next trip. I wish I could have planned it better, since Aaron started preschool the same morning I left, so I was scrambling to get everything ready for him. It worked out OK though, and we all made it to our respective places on Thursday. Unfortunately we were also hit with some unfortunate news right before I left, so MJ will need to book some travel very soon, which we’re hoping won’t overlap with my own travels this week.