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Archive for the ‘openstack’ Category

OpenStack Infrastructure March 2014 Bug Day

Today the OpenStack Infrastructure team hosted their third bug day of the cycle. First, I created our etherpad: cibugreview-march2014 (see etherpad from past bug days on the wiki at: InfraTeam#Bugs) Then I run my simple infra_bugday.py script and populate the etherpad. Then I grab the bug stats from launchpad and copy them into the pad […]

OpenStack TripleO mid-cycle sprint kicks off

On Monday, March 3rd, we kicked off the TripleO (“OpenStack on OpenStack” ) mid-cycle meetup at the HP offices in Sunnyvale, California. The day began by splitting up into groups with our specific focuses, including Ironic (bare metal) and Continuous Integration, where I ended up. I was able to spend the day following up on […]

OpenStack Infrastructure February 2014 Bug Day

The OpenStack Infrastructure team hosted our last bug day back in December. Since then, elastic-recheck has become a pretty big deal and the community has had to become more diligent about rechecking against actual bugs in the infrastructure, meaning our bug tracker has been much more active! In general, the team has been doing a […]

CloudCamp Hackathon and Ubuntu User Days

I’ve had a busy weekend! On Friday night I headed over to the San Francisco Hub for a CloudCamp Social Good Hackathon sponsored by HP Cloud (my employer) and Intel. The event kicked off with an introduction, including words from Dave Nielsen where he spoke about CloudCamps and touched upon how HP Cloud uses OpenStack […]

Final day at LCA 2014 with more OpenStack

Aww, the last day of Linux.conf.au! My schedule called for camping out in the WEBB lecture hall all day to watch talks by several of my OpenStack and HP colleagues. Things kicked off with James E. Blair’s talk titled How OpenStack Improves Code Quality with Project Gating and Zuul. He did a quick review of […]

OpenStack on the first two days of LCA

As seems to happen a lot at open source conferences lately, I had a couple of OpenStack heavy days these first couple of days here at linux.conf.au in Perth, Western Australia. After the keynote on Monday I made my way to the Sysadmin Miniconf. It began with a talk by Glen Ogilvie on using Foreman […]

OpenStack Infrastructure December Bug Day

When I joined the OpenStack Infrastructure team this year one of my first challenges was going through the list of bugs, during which time I discovered that some of the bugs were out-dated. Enter Bug Days! The process for our bug days has evolved over time, starting quite manual but I’ve since automated as much […]

OpenStack Design Summit Day 4

First off this morning had an enjoyable “Monty’s team” HP breakfast at the Marriott. Then there was a bit less fog today than previous days, so throughout the day we were able to head into the dev lounge and enjoy a lovely view! – Python3 and Pypy support – The first session I attended of […]

OpenStack Design Summit Day 3

Thursday morning! No keynotes today so we went directly into design sessions. – Integration Testing for Horizon – Currently the Horizon team depends on manual testing of its integration with the APIs, this session sought to address this and other tests. A lot of great notes were taken during this session, available here: icehouse-summit-Integration-Testing-for-Horizon.txt – […]

OpenStack Design Summit Day 2

Day 2 of the OpenStack summit here in Hong Kong began with a series of really great keynotes. First up were three major Chinese companies, iQIYI (online video), Qihoo 360 (Internet platform company) and Ctrip (travel services) about how they all use OpenStack in their companies (video here). We also learned several OpenStack statistics, including […]