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LoCo Team Portal Improvements Released

Several weeks ago, Adnane Belmadiaf (daker) found me on IRC and gave me this exciting link: https://launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+milestone/0.3.11

47 LoCo Team Portal bugs with fixes committed. He let me know that the new version would be coming out soon and gave me a sneak peek at the new layout. Soon came on March 11th when 0.4.0 rolled out with an additional 19 bugs fixed, wow!

In addition to the high priority bugs, he tackled bugs my LoCo members had mentioned to me, like No easy way to find a Past Meeting and dozens of “low” priority and wishlist items, like including team blogroll or planet to the team pages (still need to work with the LoCo Council to get feeds added Edit: You can add your blog here!). On top of this, we have a new interface! Gone are those icons no one understood, we now have text links to mailing list, website, forums and more. When you start browsing around you’ll see that there has been a pretty extensive rewrite of the UI.

I’m also loving the spiffy new event page:

Huge thanks to Adnane for his commitment to this project and to Canonical IS for the work deploying the new release. The portal is hugely important for my team and many others, so it’s good to see it’s in good hands.

If you’re interested in helping him out (he’s super friendly to work with!) I wrote a blog post here back in September about how to deploy a development version using Vagrant and the necessary Django goodies to get you started. It’s probably a bit out-dated but if you swing by #ubuntu-website and ask for some help there are usually folks who can point you in the right direction.



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