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OpenStack Design Summit Day 4

First off this morning had an enjoyable “Monty’s team” HP breakfast at the Marriott. Then there was a bit less fog today than previous days, so throughout the day we were able to head into the dev lounge and enjoy a lovely view!

– Python3 and Pypy support –

The first session I attended of the day was talking about continuing and expanding the support for Python3 in the infrastructure. There was a review of the current status and then walking through some of the current roadblocks. From there the issue of PyPy support was discussed, an action item of which was largely to continue to track projects in this cycle which have blockers and that new projects should probably start with tests enabled for PyPy. It was also noted that 2.6 support will continue through this cycle to prevent breaking RHEL6 and Debian Wheezy.

Copy of notes from this session available here: IcehousePypyPy3.txt

– Release artifact management –

Currently we release libraries to Pypi and servers on release and milestones as tarballs to tarballs.openstack.org and Launchpad. This session discussed the possibility of leveraging Python Wheel to also make pre-release library versions available as well. Discussion then moved into discussing releases of the servers (not just libraries) and how version numbering should work. It was nice to also see discussion about doing a better job of handling tagged release announcements and release notes.

Copy of notes from this session available here: IcehouseReleaseArtifacts.txt

– Keystone needs on the QA Pipeline –

The session walked through some of what is being tested in Keystone (either directly or as a result of other tests) and how this needs to be formally expanded with different types of tests in Tempest. It was very interesting for me to also learn about the Tempest Field Guides which defines the different types of tests (Scenario, API, Unit, CLI, etc) and helps shape these discussions.

Copy of notes from this session available here: icehouse-summit-qa-keystone.txt

– Coverage analysis tooling –

The team isn’t happy with the current tooling in place for code testing coverage in nova due to fundamental way it runs and that it regularly fails in production (action item to look into this). So much of the discussion was around best policy for improving coverage testing and trying to figure out who has interest and time available to move it forward.

Copy of notes from this session available here: icehouse-summit-qa-coverage-tooling.txt

Mid day I ended up having a great lunch with Derek Higgins and Dan Prince to discuss the TripleO Test Framework (toci) and the status regarding setup of the TripleO Cloud(s!).

– Negative Testing Strategy –

Negative testing confirms that the failure notice/response is correct. The session was about policy around what should be accepted in terms of negative testing and it was decided that there should essentially a moratorium on them unless they are of high value and they should probably move many of them to unit tests.

Copy of notes from this session available here: icehouse-summit-qa-negative-tests.txt

– Enhancing Debugability in the Gate –

As the session name indicates, this session focused on ways to improve the tools around debugging failures in the gate as our testing continues to grow, parallelize and gets more complicated. The first part of the discussion centered around coming up with guidelines for getting log policy harmonized between projects, cross-service IDs and how to make it easier for developers to replicate the gate locally (devstack-gate README exists, make easier? More discoverable? Add a note to failures with link?).

Copy of notes from this session available here: icehouse-summit-qa-gate-debugability.txt

– Icehouse release schedule & coordination –

In this session it was decided that Icehouse will be released on April 17th, 3 weeks before the J summit in Atlanta. Milestones and RC timing were then discussed and decided upon, while also considering the concerns of translators. The session also covered the format of the weekly release meetings and the release tooling and process.

Copy of notes from this session available here: IcehouseReleaseSchedule.txt

– The future of Design Summits –

This was a feedback session about the summit where we discussed room size+shape, food and other parts of the summit, with consensus that most of the summit was really great. We also discussed staggering the next event slightly so that conference runs Monday-Thursday and Design Summit lasts Tuesday-Friday, conversations which I’m sure will continue in the coming weeks as plans for Atlanta and Paris are worked out.

Copy of notes from this session available here: IcehouseFutureDesignSummits.txt (very detailed! worth a browse)

And then it was over! In celebration of the end of the summit, National Geographic’s picture of the day today ;) Fireworks in China

For dinner I met up with Anita, Ghe and Clark for a quick dinner at the hotel Chinese restaurant where I had some fried eel and for the first time got to enjoy some sea cucumber, and enjoy I did!

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with Anita to explore Hong Kong central a bit more before her flight Saturday night. I fly home on Sunday.