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Video from TMMC Seal Release

I thought I was done writing about the seal release on Saturday but then the Marine Mammal Center posted a video on their blog on Tuesday showing the release that we attended! You can barely see MJ and I in the middle of the crowd around 35 seconds in, but really – look at the […]

Seal Release Celebration by TMMC

On Saturday MJ and I made the 2 hour drive north to Drake’s Beach near Point Reyes to join other Marine Mammal Center guests to watch the release of 5 harbor seals and 3 elephant seals back into the ocean! We arrived around noon and pick up box lunches to eat at picnic tables near […]

My past month of warriors, bread and a baby giraffe

Since returning from the honeymoon a month ago our lives have continued to be very busy, catching up with work and projects while we were gone and catching up with all other life stuff we postponed while we were preparing for the wedding. Because we have been so overwhelmed, I gave Instacart a try and […]

Adopt a Salamander

For each Ubuntu release I spend a little time finding a toy or other representation of the codename animal to use at booths, Ubuntu Hours and other events. I wrote about Quetzals and Pangolins here and you may have seen Raring here. When the salamander came up I was confident that a toy would be […]

Tiger ears, camera and the 162

Finalizing wedding things has been exhausting, but I have managed to get out of the house some these past few weeks. MJ was traveling a couple weekends ago and I took the opportunity to head over to the zoo to relax. Fortunately the tiger cub was out playing! …if you look closely, you can see […]

Solitary weekend

This past week was a tough one. I was ridiculously busy catching up with project work that has piled up while I was sick and then traveling. I had a few doses of disappointing personal news that really knocked me down energy-wise. I’m also seeking to handle some of the unsettling confirmed and proposed changes […]

Beautiful Pangolin!

I know it’s past pangolin season, but we still have plenty of LTS users out there! While at the San Diego Zoo following LISA ’12 we were able to meet their pangolin. I got a few photos with my little digital camera: 4 photos above licensed CC BY 2.0 But my fiancé was able to […]

San Diego Zoo!

On Sunday MJ and I checked out of the hotel, which was a bit of a relief because it turns out a youth soccer tournament decided to use the hotel as their base and it had grown quite out of control will kids (don’t get me wrong, kids are cool, but the loud, unsupervised roaming […]

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

After LISA ’12 MJ joined me in San Diego for a weekend of San Diego Zoo adventure! We stayed at the Loews Coronado Bay hotel, which made for a very comfortable stay Friday night. We made our way up to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park late Saturday morning, arriving around 11AM. The park itself […]

The reindeer of San Francisco and more

On our visit to the San Francisco Zoo on Thanksgiving we were able to visit some of their new visitors, the reindeer! More photos from that day at the zoo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157632168098698/ Last Sunday we decided to head out to see the final weekend of the baby ostriches at the California Academy of Science’s Earthquake […]