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Upcoming talks, photos from Virtualization Roundtable

I have two upcoming open source talks: “Expanding involvement of Women in F/OSS” at PLUG Central on September 2nd. I’ve spoken on this topic before, and committed to this one prior to my retirement from the subject in the public arena. I considered changing topics, but the folks at PLUG are a good bunch and […]

Philadelphia area Linux Users Group Virtualization Roundtable Summary

On Tuesday night we hosted a Virtualization Roundtable at PLUG North meeting. To be honest, it started out as a bit of a filler event because we didn’t have a speaker, but upon mentioning the possibility the response I got was very positive. I started planning the event last month, gathered a few experts who […]

Ubuntu Community Learning Project and Ubuntu US Teams

Ubuntu Community Learning Project Due to my involvement in the Ubuntu Classroom project, I became involved with the Beginners Team Education Focus group earlier this year. The #ubuntu-classroom channel began hosting Beginners Team classes. From there the Ubuntu Community Learning Team was born. Over the past several months the team has been working through licensing […]

Sweet Home 3D

This past weekend I flew to San Francisco to visit my boyfriend and help him start getting settled into the gorgeous new condo he recently purchased and I had yet to see. Upon arrival, I felt like I’d been there before! This was partially due to the photos and raw floor plans he sent me, […]

Ubuntu Pennsylvania + FreeGeekPenn

On Saturday morning I met up with fellow Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCo members Kevin and Stephen over at FreeGeekPenn in Ephrata. FreeGeekPenn’s mission statement: FREE GEEK PENN is a non-profit organization that recycles used technology and provides computers, education and access to the internet to those in need in exchange for community service. Our intention for […]

PLUG Into Hive76

Last Tuesday Dan Toliaferro dropped by the Ubuntu Pennsylvania channel (#ubuntu-us-pa on irc.freenode.net) and asked if anyone would be interested in a new “Linux Night” in Philadelphia. We began discussion his venue, Hive76, a new hackerspace on Spring Garden Street. I proposed a collaboration with PLUG. He invited the folks from the Philly Linux Meetup.com […]

Sorry sweetheart, I haven’t got time for anything else.

Well, it happened again. In spite of saying I’d blog more regularly – I haven’t! I haven’t actually been a hermit every day, either. Going back all the way to the beginning of the month, when my friend MJ was in town we headed down to Philadelphia to see Star Trek at The Franklin Institute […]

Southeast LinuxFest!

This past weekend I rode down to the Southeast Linuxfest in Clemson South Carolina. I tagged along with Freenode reps Jonathan Simpson and Crissi, plus Andrew from the Pennsylvania Ubuntu LoCo team. I was able to take Friday off from work for the drive down to Charlotte, NC where we were staying, the drive down […]

Women in F/OSS (and why the Ubuntu community rocks)

I’ve been feeling good this year about the status of women in F/OSS. The percentages are still low (in spite of the Google bursary, the number of female attendees was abysmally low at the UKUUG spring conference) but there are a number of factors contributing to my optimism: Hey cool, female computer scientist Barbara Liskov […]

Ubuntu Open Week: Ubuntu Women Project

Tomorrow, April 29th, at 23:00 UTC I’ll be doing an Ubuntu Open Week session on the Ubuntu Women Project in #ubuntu-classroom (#ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions and discussion). I will be focusing on: General intro to project Why we feel such a project is important Project resources Aside from the basics of above I’ll try to put […]