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Archive for the ‘LoCo’ Category

Wrap up of the San Francisco Ubuntu Global Jam at Gandi

This past Sunday I hosted an Ubuntu Global Jam at the Gandi office here in downtown San Francisco. Given the temporal proximity to a lot of travel, I’ve had to juggle a lot to make this happen, a fair amount of work goes into an event like this, from logistics of getting venue, food and […]

San Francisco Ubuntu Global Jam at Gandi.net on Sunday February 8th

For years Gandi.net has been a strong supporter of Open Source communities and non-profits. From their early support of Debian to their current support of Ubuntu via discounts to Ubuntu Members they’ve been directly supportive of projects I’m passionate about. I was delighted when I heard they had opened an office in my own city […]

Fosscon 2014

Flying off to a conference on the other side of the country 2 weeks after having my gallbladder removed may not have been one of the wisest decisions of my life, but I am very glad I went. Thankfully MJ had planned on coming along to this event anyway, so I had companionship… and someone […]

Ubuntu 14.04 Presentations at FeltonLUG and BALUG

This past week I’ve had the opportunity to join two separate Linux Users Groups (LUGs) to give presentations on the Ubuntu 14.04. The talks were a full talk version of the mini talk I gave at the release party in San Francisco last month, covering: Unity Desktop Server Phablet Xubuntu I’m a member of the […]

San Francisco Ubuntu 14.04 Release Party

On Thursday, April 24th, the Ubuntu California team celebrated the 14.04 release with a party in San Francisco. Our parties prior to this one had been more loosely organized, typically meeting up at a brewery or restaurant to just enjoy some food, drinks and the company of each other. This time, for the LTS, I […]

5 ways to get involved today: Wrap up

On Friday, February 21st I gave my talk on 5 ways to get involved with Ubuntu today at the Southern California Linux Expo’s Ubucon. I had a great audience who I was able to have some wonderful and inspiring chats with following my talk. There’s clearly a lot of interest in further involvement by user-level […]

Ubuntu California planning for the Southern California Linux Expo

The Ubuntu California team does a lot of small events throughout the year, from release parties and jams to regular Ubuntu Hours all over the state. But our big event of the year is always the Southern California Linux Expo. We kick off the expo with an Ubucon on SCaLE’s Friday of miniconfs. I’ve had […]

December updates from Ubuntu California

Ubuntu-related events have been chugging along here in California. On Wednesday evening here in San Francisco I had the pleasure of hosting an Ubuntu Hour and Bay Area Debian Dinner. Both events attracted new attendees, which was great to see during December, a month that’s historically pretty quiet for us. On Thursday night I joined […]

Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit 1311

As is tradition, this virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit kicked off with an introduction by Jono Bacon and keynote from Mark Shuttleworth. It was at 6AM my time, I shut off my 5:45AM alarm and proceeded to sleep until the first session I had to be at 8:05AM. Hah! Fortunately it was available on youtube immediately […]

A Little San Francisco 13.10 Release Party

I was finally in my home city of San Francisco for an Ubuntu release (why are Octobers so crazy?) so I was able to put together a small event for the release of Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander). The night before I pulled out the nail polish and nail decals from System76 to get into the […]