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Archive for the ‘LoCo’ Category

5 ways to get involved today: Wrap up

On Friday, February 21st I gave my talk on 5 ways to get involved with Ubuntu today at the Southern California Linux Expo’s Ubucon. I had a great audience who I was able to have some wonderful and inspiring chats with following my talk. There’s clearly a lot of interest in further involvement by user-level […]

Ubuntu California planning for the Southern California Linux Expo

The Ubuntu California team does a lot of small events throughout the year, from release parties and jams to regular Ubuntu Hours all over the state. But our big event of the year is always the Southern California Linux Expo. We kick off the expo with an Ubucon on SCaLE’s Friday of miniconfs. I’ve had […]

December updates from Ubuntu California

Ubuntu-related events have been chugging along here in California. On Wednesday evening here in San Francisco I had the pleasure of hosting an Ubuntu Hour and Bay Area Debian Dinner. Both events attracted new attendees, which was great to see during December, a month that’s historically pretty quiet for us. On Thursday night I joined […]

Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit 1311

As is tradition, this virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit kicked off with an introduction by Jono Bacon and keynote from Mark Shuttleworth. It was at 6AM my time, I shut off my 5:45AM alarm and proceeded to sleep until the first session I had to be at 8:05AM. Hah! Fortunately it was available on youtube immediately […]

A Little San Francisco 13.10 Release Party

I was finally in my home city of San Francisco for an Ubuntu release (why are Octobers so crazy?) so I was able to put together a small event for the release of Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander). The night before I pulled out the nail polish and nail decals from System76 to get into the […]

LoCo Team Portal Improvements Released

Several weeks ago, Adnane Belmadiaf (daker) found me on IRC and gave me this exciting link: https://launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+milestone/0.3.11 47 LoCo Team Portal bugs with fixes committed. He let me know that the new version would be coming out soon and gave me a sneak peek at the new layout. Soon came on March 11th when 0.4.0 […]

Ubuntu at SCaLE11x

This year marked the 3rd Southern California Linux Expo I’ve attended, and once again it didn’t disappoint. The first year I gave a talk at the Ubucon and helped with the booth over the weekend, last year I gave a talk at Ubucon, one at the conference itself and then ran the Ubuntu booth, an […]

San Francisco Ubuntu Global Jam Wrap-up

On Saturday the 8th I hosted an Ubuntu Global Jam focused on ISO testing over at the Wikimedia Foundation office in downtown San Francisco. Upon arrival I met Andrew White, our Wikimedia host, and he outlined a few options for setup. Given power requirements we ended up in a conference room and I was able […]

Local LoCo Team Portal Install

At the last UDS there were some discussions about some of the things people wanted to see in the LoCo Team Portal. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that while there were plenty of ideas, there is only one active developer, with just a couple others who pitch in with fixes. In short, we need more […]

September 8th Ubuntu Global Jam at the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco

Last year, prior to the Natty release, I headed up to BerkeleyLUG to host an Ubuntu Global Jam event focused on testing, I wrote about it here: Berkeley Natty Global Jam. It was a lot of fun and at the time I was really just helping people go through some basic Xubuntu testing documents and […]